Water Ressources

Drought, floods, pollution, overexploitation, the management of water resources is one of the most challenging tasks for ensuring the future of our civilizations. For more than 20 years already, we develop knowledge and skills in programming the complex interactions between surface and groundwater flows for engineering purposes.

Fractured Rocks

Fracture networks are an important component of many engineering problems, including reservoirs, contamination, and underground structures. One of our main contributions to preserving the supply of fresh water lies in stochastic modeling and numerical simulation of fluid flows in fracture networks.


Permafrost covers about a quarter of the land in northern hemisphere. With global warming, this frozen soil begins to melt, with serious consequences for the environment, such as the release of greenhouse gases or mercury. Our algorithms are presently involved in ice sheet retreat and permafrost thawing simulations and keep improving with new developments.

Wind Engineering

Among the renewable energies that our world badly needs for its future generations, wind energy plays a key role. Increasing its efficiency is therefore a fundamental necessity. Wind speed, turbulence intensity, production forecasts ... Our MIGAL-S solver has boosted most of the commercial wind engineering software over the past decade.

Urban Climate

With the inexorable concentration of humanity in large metropolises, the safety and health of city dwellers have become a critical factor in town planning. Our algorithms and digital libraries are already implemented at the core of several numerical solvers investigating fluid flows and temperature, both inside and outside buildings and living spaces.

Artificial Life

Human crowds and social networks can self-organize and adopt collaborative behavior, but are also subject to panics and irrational disasters. Understanding crowd dynamics and emergent solutions through autonomous heuristic and multi-agent cognitive programming has always been fascinating to us.

Risk Assessment

With the increase in maritime traffic due to global economic development, the risk of collisions and grounding of ships has become a tangible threat for public's life and environement. Today our algorithms are implemented in crash test software, passenger evacuation software and real-time monitoring of estuaries.

Scientific and technical expertise

Throughout the last thirty years spent designing algorithms, coding and building software architectures, we have developed and continue to develop expertise that will be invaluable to you in areas such as:

Multigrid Solvers

Parallel Algorithms

Random Numbers

Fluid Dynamic

Mechanical Solvers

Particle Tracking

Random Walk

Phase Change

Adaptive Grids

Graph Algorithms

Computational Geometry

Data Analytics