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Our vision

When computational simulations first engaged the attention of the engineers during the 1960s, computers were mainly designed for scientific and business purposes. Nowadays the computer market has changed and has become dedicated to multimedia and communications. Then, just as the Internet has redefined our ideas about commerce and information access, this evolution in computer technology will radically change the way engineers are computing and the algorithms they are using.

MFRDC believes it is time to re-think the way applications work in this new environment and to fit new technologies together. In the future simulation packages will have to move quikely to "fast and intelligent applications" that analyze and capitilize the users expertise for the benefit of their company.

Our company

MFRDC was founded to develop and market OEM components dedicated to the simulation software industry. Its products are already incorporated in some of the world's leading simulation packages for CFD, grid generation and optimisation. On that account they are used by a wide range of industries, including aerospace, defense, energy, transportation, and manufacturing.

MFRDC clearly knows that pure technology is meaningless without the feedback of end-users and that innovation originates in human contacts. Then, to keep abreast of the software technology in the rapidly evolving field of numerical modeling, MFRDC also provides consulting services to transfer and support its technology directly into clients in-house developments as well as industrial softwares.