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OEM licensing

Every day, you feel the speed and technology pressures on your developers, you want to improve your software or you want to add functionality to your core product. But the life span of your software releases become shorter, the return on the investment more and more hazardous and you cannot afford the risks that a new development involves.

You should contact us. We may have the right solution for you. Our business is OEM components for computational simulation softwares and the adoption of our technology may help you to provide your customer with the functionality he wants in a faster, cheaper and more reliable way than to develop it in house.


Your are in industry and your engineers need some specific features or improvements to the software they use. You are in software industry and one of your customers asks you for a new functionality or a customization of your product. But you believe the change would get your team away from its objectives and be expensive to make.

You should contact us. Beside our OEM deals, usualy associated with a non-disclosure agreement, we also develop add-on products for industrial softwares.